The relative demand for major sawntimber, post and pole products of Pinus caribaea in Fiji : a study of the domestic market based on sales from the Fiji Pine Commission's timberyard at Drasa [article]

C. W. Morey, University Of Canterbury
This is a study of relative demand for the ten, top selling products, of sawntimber and of posts and poles, (principally Pinus caribaea) supplied from the Fiji Pine Commission's timberyard at Drasa to local markets. It is made by analysis of sales data and a stocktake made at the end of the period examined. Only physical quantities without monetary values or price effects are considered and demand is discovered, only in so far as it is revealed by what is available for sale. Development of the
more » ... awmill over three years of operations, the wood properties of P. caribaea and, the physical resource, existing timber industry and domestic sawntimber market in Fiji, are reviewed briefly as background to the research. Total sales of sawntimber dimensions amounted to 329 m³ in 1979, 1132 m³ in 1980 and 730m³ in 1981. The estimated volume of posts and poles sold in specified sizes amounted to 989m³ in 1979, 2945 m³ in 1980 and 2307 m³ in 1981. Of the total volume of sawntimber sold over three years 27% was 100 x 50 mm dimension framing, 17% was 150 x 50 mm framing and 15% was 100 x 25 mm boards. The predictive value of these proportions is questioned in light of a significant trend toward smaller dimensions and shorter lengths which is attributed to bucking practices, a dwindling input of presawn native timbers for resale, an increasing dependence on plantation pine with smaller log diameters and technical limitations of the mill itself. This trend is shown continuing through to December 1981 with no sign of having reached a new steady state. Of the total number of post and pole pieces sold over three years, 36% were 2 m x 7 cm, 25% were 2 m x 10 cm and 9% were 3 m x 10 cm (12%, 16% and 10% respectively by volume). The post sizes 2 m x 7 cm and 2 m x 10 cm form an increased proportion of annual sales as total post and pole sales per annum, increase. The same positive correlation is observed between the proportion of 100 x 50 mm timber by volume, per quarter and the total sawntimber volume sold, per quarter.
doi:10.26021/2759 fatcat:higm3l5mzbgm5gouvuvutlxtpu