The Extreme Climate Event Database (EXCEED): Development of a picture database composed of drought and flood stimuli

Sabrina de Sousa Magalhães, Diana Kraiser Miranda, Débora Marques de Miranda, Leandro Fernandes Malloy-Diniz, Marco Aurélio Romano-Silva
2018 PLoS ONE  
The present study introduces the Extreme Climate Event Database (EXCEED), a picture database intended to induce emotionally salient stimuli reactions in the context of natural hazards associated with global climate change and related extreme events. The creation of the database was motivated by the need to better understand the impact that the increase in natural disasters worldwide has on human emotional reactions. This new database consists of 150 pictures divided into three categories: two
more » ... gative categories that depict images of floods and droughts, and a neutral category composed of inanimate objects. Affective ratings were obtained using online survey software from 50 healthy Brazilian volunteers who rated the pictures according to valence and arousal, which are two fundamental dimensions used to describe emotional experiences. Valence refers to the appraisal of pleasantness conveyed by a stimulus, and arousal involves internal emotional activation induced by a stimulus. Data from picture rating, sex difference in affective ratings and psychometric properties of the database are presented here. Together, the data validate the use of EXCEED in research related to natural hazards and human reactions.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0204093 pmid:30235273 pmcid:PMC6147476 fatcat:khmbg6lnjvd6bh3zpbl3xd2wtq