Immune Responses of BALB/c Mice Administrated via Oral Route to a Combined Salmonella Typhimurium Ghost Vaccine
복합 살모넬라 타이피무리움 고스트 백신의 마우스 구강 투여에 의한 면역 응답

Pan Gil Kim, Yeon Jo Ha, Su Man Lee, Sam Woong Kim, Sang Wan Gal
2015 Journal of Life Science  
Salmonella Typhimurium (ST) JOL389 and χ3339 are strong virulent strains against mouse. ST χ8554 is derived by deletion of the asd gene from ST χ3339. Plasmid pMMP184 carrying a ghost cassette was transformed into ST χ8554, and ST χ8554 ghost cells were prepared and administrated via the oral route to BALB/c mice. Change in the amount of total IgG was not elicited to boosting of single ST χ8554 ghost cells, but the content was increased from 6 weeks after the 3 rd administration. However, when
more » ... ion. However, when the ST JOL389 ghost cells is administered together with ST χ8554 ghost cells, the content of total IgG was increased in 2 weeks post primary administration. It was found that the content of total IgG of the group mixed with ST JOL389 ghost cells showed an increased value of 8 times or more at 10 weeks when compared with the group of ST χ8554 ghost cells. The content of IgG1, IgG2a, and sIgA in both groups increased from 4 weeks postprimary administration. As a challenge test of virulent ST χ3339, χ8554 (pMMP184) and χ8554 (pMMP184)/JOL389 ghost cell groups showed protection of 50% or more when compared to the control group. These results suggest that the preparation of combined ghost cells from a strong virulent ST increases immunity more than a single strain.
doi:10.5352/jls.2015.25.11.1197 fatcat:lqodixei5fbhljkjyzzwbenfmu