The Roles of Religious Education to Peace, Security and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Dr. Sulaiman Kamal-Deen Olawale
2012 IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science  
Divorcing religion and moral educations is an impossible task because of their long-standing historical antecedents. Religious education will certainly form a backbone to moral education. To enhance a moral society, there is the need for value and civic education in Nigeria. This paper however, intends to look at religious concept of peace and security. It also examines the need for peace and security in Nigeria. Likewise, the paper highlights the role of religious education to peace, security
more » ... nd sustainable development in Nigeria. In terms of methodology, the data used include both primary and secondary sources. The paper revealed that, the prominence of religious education will instill values and high morals on the citizenry to bring about expected sustainable development. The principal religions recognized in Nigeria are Islam Christianity and African Traditional Religion. Each of these has deep roles to play in enhancing peace, security and sustainable development. It concluded that, the role of religious education to peace, security and sustainable development in Nigeria can not be over emphasized. The Federal Government of Nigeria owes it a duty to re-introduce the teaching and learning of religious education in Nigerian schools and make it compulsory for all students. However, religious bigotry should be stamped out and proper tenets of religions should be taught and practiced. The paper therefore recommended that, religion as a subject should be made compulsory for students at all levels of the educational system right from the primary up to the tertiary level. Today it is an elective subject at the secondary schools level and is not made compulsory even for undergraduates. This idea should be reviewed, so that all students in all institutions of learning irrespective of the level and choice of career should be compelled to offer religious studies. Effective teaching of religious studies and uplifting of moral and spiritual values by the religious leaders will go a long way to bring about peace and security in Nigeria. The Bible and the Holy Qur'an which are the basis of religious studies emphasized all these communal expectations. It shows that Christianity and Islam are religions of harmony, unity, security and peace which Nigeria would need for its sustainable development. These principles must be taught the more for the betterment of the youths in Nigeria.
doi:10.9790/0837-0360105 fatcat:53ad2b6lejdsllvy6mgz77scuy