Spectral Characterization and Analysis of Avalanche in Cryptographic Substitution Boxes using WalshHadamard Transformations

Fouz Sattar, Muid Mufti
2011 International Journal of Computer Applications  
This paper presents a novel analytical technique of examining the avalanche characteristics of cryptographic substitution boxes (s-boxes) using the Walsh Hadamard spectral analysis of their Boolean maps. Avalanche is a desirable cryptographic property that is necessary to ensure that a cipher is not susceptible to statistical attacks and small difference between two plaintexts results in a significant random difference between the two corresponding ciphertexts. An analytical model of avalanche
more » ... model of avalanche characteristics based on spectral analysis is developed which allows us to determine the degree of avalanche achievable in an m n s-box. Analytical results are finally used to investigate the avalanche characteristics of the AES s-box.
doi:10.5120/3395-4720 fatcat:mgpuetwngffabn6eg4j545vw7y