Optimization and Numerical Simulation of Multi-layer Microchannel Heat Sink

Baodong Shao, Lifeng Wang, Heming Cheng, Jianyun Li
2012 Procedia Engineering  
The configuration sizes of multi-layer microchannel heat sink is optimized in order to enhance the performance of the high flux chip, which is 556W/cm 2 . Taking the thermal resistance and the pressure drop as goal functions, a doubleobjective optimization model was proposed based on the thermal resistance network model. The opimized microchannel heat sink is numerically simulated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. The number of microchannel in width n 1 and that in height n 2 are
more » ... 4 and 2, the width of optimized optimized microchannel and fin are 196 and 50 m, respectively, and the corresponding total thermal resistance of the whole microchannel heat sink is 0.4025 /W. The highest temperature is less than 98 , which can satisfy the requirement of chip to temperature. The maximum temperature difference is 77.8673 , and the transferred power of heat flux is 200W, so the total thermal resistance total R is 0.3893 /W, which agrees well with the analysis result of thermal resistance network model.
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2012.01.1123 fatcat:7q7z67obobbq7oqlsubwvzfbwq