Extraction and Purification of albumin from Hunan plasma

Baghdad Science Journal
2011 Baghdad Science Journal  
This study includes adescription of Human serum Albumin by amodified using ion- exchange chromatography with manipulated comparison with cold ethanol precipitation method , It has been nticed that this procedure is superior orer the classical method . The Final yield by the new method 69.32% with purity of 83.42% compared with cohn which yield 60.30 % with purity of 80.7 % . The new method prored that it suitable for the pusi Fication of such material because it yield no precipitation material
more » ... nd it increases the Final yield of albumin solutions . • Human serum Albumin . • Albumin purification . • Ion – exchange chromatography . • Human plasma . • Albumin extraction .
doi:10.21123/bsj.8.1.334-339 fatcat:wnu643nj25h2xksyata26ndvhe