22pWE-5 Competition between sedimentation and crystallization of binary colloid + polymer mixtures

M. Leocmach, C. P. Royall, H. Tanaka
2008 Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan (Nihon Butsuri Gakkai koen gaiyoshu)  
We exp 苴 ore the nonequihbrium behaViour of binary colloid + polymer m 球 ture8 under 巳ravitationa1 五 e 置 d, which i8 i 皿 portant a8 a 魚 nda 皿 ental pmblem of nonequilibrium phy8ic81inked to p 飢 icle separation . First we inve8tigate the thermodynamic bellaviour of this 8y8tem . The main theoretical Ie8ult i8 the ex お tence of a Point on the phase diagra 皿 where the binEry fiuid and the oDexi8ting one component 6ry3tal have the 8a 皿 e density. Thi8 degeneracy in gravitational energy
doi:10.11316/jpsgaiyo. fatcat:cybuz5p6w5h2rm4k6qlkzzsqru