sa l Atualidades em Educação A educação escolar da pessoa surda em Salvador: das classes Wilson Lins à política de inclusão do Ministério da Educação The School Education of Deaf Individuais in Salvador: From Wilson Lins Classes to the Ministry of Education lnclusion Policy

Elzeni Bahia, Góis De Souza
This artic/e aims to take stock of a little about the genesis of school education ofthe deafin Salvador since 1959. lt was designed to support the Seminar on Education of the Deaf in Bahia of a group of students from FACED / UFBA Pedagogy of course. lt starts from the Espaço, Rio de Janeiro, n.37, jan./jun. 2012 point of view of the teacher-researcher of the deaf at the State School Georgina Ramos da Silva. ln this historical survey some fragments were gathered from the memory of deaf education
more » ... in the city; information from Oliveira's dissertation; the ordinance creating the classes Wilson Lins; testimonials from people who founded institutions that take care of deaf people education; texts of the History of Special Education; Laws of Directives and Bases of National Education 4.024/61, 7.692/71 and 9.394/96, as wel/ as quantitative data of the Education Departments ofthe Sta te of Bahia and the Municipality. lt is intended to stimulate further studies on this issue critically analyzing issues that make up the memory of this school population.