Kentsel Kimliğin İnşası Bağlamında Toplumsal Hafıza ve Tarih Yazımı: Bartın Örneği

Sefer Yetkin Işık, Ulaş Başar Gezgin
2019 Antropoloji  
This article is based on an ethnographic research on Bartın, a small city on the West Black Sea coast. In the article, how a century of economic development of a little port town and its conditions prior to 1980 influence the local collective memory of Bartın is investigated. As has been pointed out in the studies on collective memory, questions such as what is memorable, or which historical images are remembered and registered can be answered with reference to actors' ages, classes and/or
more » ... classes and/or occupations. In this research, we found that different approaches about what is memorable or meaningful are based on social stratification, on the one hand and the city's production and transformation process, that is to say, economic-historical factors on the other. In the research, narratives of 19 Bartınese were collected and interpreted in the context of the construction of the urban identity and the urban self-image.
doi:10.33613/antropolojidergisi.478940 fatcat:qiuqb76mpndalgib3el6ue6uqu