Intensity enhancement of ferromagnetic resonance modes in exchange coupled magnetic multilayers

Andres Felipe Franco
2019 New Journal of Physics  
In this work, the ferromagnetic resonance characteristics of a NiFeCu/Nonmagnetic(NM)/NiFe/NM/CoFe/NM/Co multilayer is studied from a theoretical point of view, and comparisons with the ferromagnetic resonance of a NiFe/NM/CoFe magnetic bilayer are presented. It is found that the resonance modes of the multilayer tend to be more intense than those of the bilayer for several combinations of applied field and interlayer exchange coupling. Furthermore, rules governing the individual layer
more » ... dual layer contributions to the resonance modes of a exchanged coupled magnetic multilayer are presented, which would apply to any number of layers. These results open the possibility to tailor the resonance frequencies of the multilayer structure by either engineering the interlayer exchange coupling or by applying a perpendicular magnetic field for multiband high frequency magnetic devices. f (GHz) J eff = 0.5 mJ/m 2 J eff = 0.2 mJ/m 2 J eff = 0.1 mJ/m 2 J eff = 0 J eff = −0.1 mJ/m 2 J eff = −0.3 mJ/m 2 J eff = −0.5 mJ/m 2 4L 2L c)
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/ab65da fatcat:hhvsapudqjabpho64ssub33uli