Alcoholic liver diseases and their therapy

Nikunja Mishra
2018 Journal of Environment and Life Sciences J Environ Life Sci. March   unpublished
Alcohol related toxicity is the third most common cause of morbidity and the fifth most common cause of disease burden worldwide. Alcoholic liver diseases (ALD) are the leading cause of mortality in people aged 15-49 years. Fatty liver develops in about 90% of individuals who drinks more than 60 g/day of alcohol. Many heavy drinkers will progress from fatty liver to alcoholic hepatitis and finally to alcoholic cirrhosis over time. The cornerstone of therapy of alcoholic hepatitis is abstinence.
more » ... itis is abstinence. However, other therapies like naltrexone and baclofen found to improve abstinence and decrease relapse. An assured therapy of liver transplantation playing a vital role during end stage liver failure. It is the time now to make awareness regarding ALD among the public.