Concentration of dissolved organic copper in relation to other chemical and biological parameters in coastal Bailie waters

C Osterroht, A Wenck, K Kremling, K Gocke
1985 Marine Ecology Progress Series  
During 4 different seasons dissolved organic copper was determined by absorption onto silanized porous glass with subsequent elution. Additionally, the following parameters were measured: total dissolved copper, chlorophyll a, phytoplankton composition, phytoplankton carbon, total cell numbers, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and microbial activity. The biological and chemical situation during each sampling period was characterized by these parameters and was found to be dependent upon
more » ... ndent upon phytoplanktonic activity/inact~vity. On the other hand, the organic copper values showed no direct response to phytoplankton blooms. A strong correlation could only be established between the concentrations of organic copper and the eluate extinction at 400 nm, which is suggested to be a measure for humic and fulvic acids in this eluate. It is concluded, that in regions with a high content of DOC and total dissolved copper we encounter a constant background level of organic copper. Assuming that there are small and/or fast changes as a response to biological events this could not be detected by the methods applied.
doi:10.3354/meps022273 fatcat:ggvs5gijdjdezii5vc2vdxrqkm