Comparative Study of Kinematic Parameters of Circular Punch Applied in Semi-Contact and Full-Contact System

Irina Baitel, Dan Deliu, Mariana Cordun, Liviu Angelescu
2016 unpublished
Using inertial navigation technology built into MOVEN motion capture equipment, we calculated, based on the position of a kickboxer's body segments, several kinematic parameters of circular punch features. These are the length of fist trajectory from the beginning of the movement to its contact with the target, the length of fist path measured from the beginning of the elbow extension to the contact with the target, the variation in time of the elbow extension angle, the variation in time of
more » ... ation in time of shoulder and hip lines and the difference between them during impact with the target, the average speed on certain segment motions, maximum speed of the fist before impact with the target, acceleration of the fist at the impact with the target. Measurements were made at "Ciprian Sora" Sports Club in Bucharest, on 28 August 2014, and the subject was the national champion of the year in full-contact kickboxing and kickboxing world vice-champion in 2014, in 63kg weight class. After fitting the MOVEN equipment and its calibration was performed, the subject applied ten circular punch strokes in semi-contact system and then ten circular punch strokes in full-contact system. Data acquisition was performed with a frequency of 100 Hz (the acquisition rate of 10 ms). Data were converted using the equipment-related software in .mvnx format, and then were imported into Excel 2010 and processed. The mentioned kinematic parameters were calculated to analyse the strike features and the comparison of each fight system.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2016.06.62 fatcat:kysytu3qdfc7jb65pimhjrf2ua