Den rätta viljan - idrott och hälsa i ett styrningsperspektiv

Marie Öhman
2007 Utbildning & Demokrati  
The right will -physical education in a governmentality perspective. Inspired by Foucault's work and the research field that emanates from the concept of governmentality, one of the ambitions of this article is to discuss governance processes in teachers' and students' interactive actions in Physical Education. In studying how governance is manifested in the educational setting, questions relating to modern ideals of autonomy and self-governance and the kind of government on which everyday
more » ... which everyday institutional practice is based are dealt with. This makes it possible to both demonstrate which subjects are desirable in the school curriculum, and to discuss how these processes may be related to political tendencies outside school. The discussion is based on results from 15 video recorded physical education lessons, in 5 Swedish schools.
doi:10.48059/uod.v16i2.857 fatcat:pwkmzkfv3vdl7kwyu4d7wisohe