Internal+/-External Terrains: A Meditation On the Productive Skein of Electracy

Terrence Maybury, University, My, Dan Harries
Internal+/-External Terrains is a meditation on the nature of electronic creativity, primarily from a production point of view. It seeks to arbitrate and synthesise a range of skills, attributes and ideas that might constitute the field of electronic aesthetics. It does this from the perspective of electronic artists, and the socio/economic/cultural system they increasingly serve. The aesthetics of electronic production, as looked at through the framework of electracy, serves as a model through
more » ... which to locate some specific shifts in both self-making, and capitalism, in both their Post-Fordist, and globalising manifestations. Internal+/-External Terrains is a meditation on the re-conceptualisation going on in electronic meaning-making, as it is currently happening at the interfaces of the psyche, the politico-cultural domain, and in the techno-aesthetic apparatus of its production. Through the compilation of a possible program in electracy (of its various aesthetic components as used in production), along with a brief outline of the electronic artist, Internal+/-External Terrains situates both, as role-model and epicentre, of an increasingly accepted mode of abstraction: Radial-Logic©. And it is this omnidirectional form of abstraction currently lighting the cyber-cohering logic of an already arrived future.
doi:10.25904/1912/2213 fatcat:3aeug3ljabhppnkaway5ufk7vm