Efficacy Report of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis of 90 Cases Based on Adjusting the Curvature of the Spine with Hyperextension Traction

Yizong Wei, Donghua Pan, Xiuguang Wang, Chunde Wei, Teng Gao, Shengqiang Zhang, Tingzhang Lin
2015 OALib  
Objective: To observe the clinical effect of the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis disease by adjusting the curvature of the spine based on orthopedic spinal therapy. Method: Curvature adjustments by four-direction, spinal orthopedic manipulation and functional exercise were applied to different patterns of lumbar spinal stenosis. Results: The overall response rate was 98.9%, including a clinical recovery rate of 83.3%, response rate of 13.3%, marked effectiveness rate of 2.2% and failure
more » ... .2% and failure rate of 1.1%. The spinal curvatures were improved in 81% of the patients. The 3month follow-up showed that the "excellent" and "very good" rates of the health status and signs & symptoms improvement were 98.8% and 96.4% respectively. Conclusion: The principal objective of curvature adjustment and Chinese orthopedic manipulation is to adjust the lumbar curvature. Functional exercise is positively correlated with restoration and stability of the spinal curvature. The follow-up indicates that regular exercise is essential to facilitate the therapeutic efficacy.
doi:10.4236/oalib.1101159 fatcat:ohbp26bkureprb2uu2vqpxu4pe