Interconversion of different molecular weight forms of human erythrocyte orotidylate decarboxylase

G K Brown, R M Fox, W J O'Sullivan
1975 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Orotidylate decarboxylase has been purified approximately 300-fold from human erythrocytes. It was shown to exist in three molecular weight forms, a probable monomer of molecular weight 62,000, a dimer, and a tetramer. Conversion of the monomer to higher molecular weight forms was associated with increased stability to thermal inactivation and was promoted by a number of low molecular weight compounds, including orotic acid and competitive inhibitors of the enzyme. Orotic acid
more » ... d phosphoribosyltransferase co-purified with the decarboxylase but was much more susceptible to inactivation. The partially purified orotidylate decarboxylase showed a triphasic Lineweaver-Burk plot when examined over a wide range of substrate concentrations. The separated molecular weight forms gave linear double reciprocal plots with Km values corresponding to the three values obtained with the erythrocyte enzyme preparation. The values obtained were 25, 3, and 0.6 muM for the monomer, dimer, and tetramer forms, respectively.
pmid:1165245 fatcat:nbqqh4uibfcnvpximxutx5ably