A Multi-Scale Method for Designing Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Composite Drive Shafts with Carbon Nanotube Inclusions

Stelios K. Georgantzinos, Panagiotis A. Antoniou, Stylianos I. Markolefas
2021 Journal of Composites Science  
In this paper, the modal and linear buckling analysis of a laminated composite drive shaft reinforced by 11 multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) was carried out using an analytical approach, as well as the finite element method (FEM). The theoretical model is based on classical laminated theory (CLT). The fundamental frequency and the critical buckling torque were determined for different fiber orientation angles. The Halpin–Tsai model was employed to calculate the elastic modulus of
more » ... s having randomly oriented nanotubes. The effect of various carbon nanotube (CNT) volume fractions in the epoxy resin matrix on the material properties of unidirectional composite laminas was also analyzed. The fundamental frequency and the critical buckling torque obtained by the finite element analysis and the analytical method for different fiber orientation angles were in good agreement with each other. The results were verified with data available in the open literature, where possible. For the first time in the literature, the influence of CNT fillers on various composite drive shaft design parameters such as the fundamental frequency, critical speed, and critical buckling torque of a hybrid fiber-reinforced composite drive shaft is finally predicted.
doi:10.3390/jcs5060157 fatcat:qmzkm2ghijakjhgickt242jxxm