Experimental study of capillary penetration in rectangular Hele-Shaw cells closed by two edges

R. Diez Barroso-Agraz, G. Gómez-López, A. López-Villa, D.A. Serrano
2020 Suplemento de la Revista Mexicana de Física  
Here is studied the capillary penetration of a viscous liquid between two vertical, rectangular close together plates. In experiments the plates were joined simultaneously along two edges, and the liquid has penetrated from the bottom. Spacers with different geometries like circular, triangular and rectangular shape, were used to check their aects on the rise proles in a dynamic way, it was noticed that when time evolves, the proles are stabilized in a catenary and the instabilities induced by
more » ... fforts present in the plates disappear. Also, it is observed a rate of ascent that diers of classical values of t^1/3 or t^1/2, depending of gravity effect.
doi:10.31349/suplrevmexfis.1.2.45 fatcat:4flqqedqsfakrg2ts4l5izf4fm