Regulation of ribosomal RNA synthesis in Tetrahymena pyriformis

J Keiding, H A Andersen
1978 Journal of Cell Science  
Ribosomal RNA is synthesized at constant rate during most of the cell cycle in heat-shock synchronized populations of Tetrahymena pyriformis. Early in each macronuclear S-period the rate of synthesis increases abruptly, concomitant with replication of the genes coding for ribosomal RNA. The increase is prevented by inhibitors of DNA replication, added prior to the S-period. Similarly, in cultures synchronized by starvation/refeeding, inhibition of DNA replication, at the time when the rDNA is
more » ... plicated, will prevent the normal increase in rate of RNA synthesis which follows refeeding. We conclude that inhibition of rDNA replication interferes with the synthesis of rRNA, and we suggest that with respect to rRNA synthesis a gene dosis effect is operating in fast-growing Tetrahymena cells.
pmid:97302 fatcat:wkjktfnipfdmzlkvdd2rgahu3u