The Student's Life of Paul. George H. Gilbert

C. W. Votaw
1900 The American Journal of Theology  
which Felix was succeeded in Judea by Festus; and we note with no little interest that the writer comes back (with Schiirer, Zeitschrift fur wissenschaftliche Theologie, 1898, pp. to the year 60 A. D. after a careful consideration of the arguments for an earlier date advanced by Harnack, 0. Holtzmann, and others. The current dating for the apostolic age therefore gains new confidence for its assignment of Paul's Roman imprisonment to the years 61-63 A. D., and inferentially for all dates which
more » ... or all dates which precede that event. But Dr. Erbes has joined the increasing number of scholars who regard the Roman imprisonment in Acts as terminating with the execution of Paul, and he holds that the date can be exactly fixed as February 22, 63 A. D. Peter appears in Rome after Paul's death, and falls a victim to the slaughter of the Christians which came in the summer of 64 A. D., consequent upon the fire in Rome upon July I9 of that year. The church tradition which places the death of the two apostles upon the same day he
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