Phase transformation behaviors and mechanical properties of NiTi endodontic files after gold heat treatment and blue heat treatment

Xiao-Mei Hou, Yin-Jie Yang, Jun Qian
2020 Journal of Oral Science  
WaveOne Gold, ProTaper Gold, Reciproc Blue, ProTaper Next, WaveOne and ProTaper files were selected to compare the phase transformation behaviors and mechanical properties of nickel-titanium (NiTi) rotary files after gold heat and blue heat treatments. The reverse transformation finishing point temperatures of WaveOne Gold, ProTaper Gold, ProTaper Next and WaveOne were higher than those of the other two instruments investigated. At a deflection of 0.5 mm, the loads were significantly varied
more » ... pt for ProTaper Next and ProTaper Gold. At a deflection of 3.0 mm, the loads of Reciproc Blue and WaveOne Gold were significantly varied compared to WaveOne and ProTaper. Cycles to failure were reduced in the order of WaveOne Gold, Reciproc Blue, ProTaper Gold, ProTaper Next, WaveOne and ProTaper. NiTi instruments after gold heat and blue heat treatments exhibited significantly higher bending properties and cyclic fatigue resistances, representing an improved performance over traditional and M-wire instruments.
doi:10.2334/josnusd.19-0331 pmid:33281148 fatcat:fhscveq5pzfjfoii24pi6oxvoe