Potential Use of Radar Differential Reflectivity Measurements at Orthogonal Polarizations for Measuring Precipitation

T. A. Seliga, V. N. Bringi
1976 Journal of Applied Meteorology  
The potential use of differential reflectivity measurements at orthogonal polarizations to determine rainfall rate is examined. The method involves measurements of ZH and Zv, the radar reflectivity factors due to horizontally and vertically polarized incident waves respectively. The differential reflectivity, ZDR= 10 log (ZH/ZV), which should be precisely determinate, occurs as a result of the distortion of raindrops as they fall at terminal velocity. The approximate theory of Gans for
more » ... f Gans for electromagnetic scattering by spheroids is applied to the distorted raindrops. Assuming a general exponential form for the raindrop size distribution, equations are derived relating the distribution parameters to the measurements. The determination of rainfall rate follows directly. Finally, the sensitivity of the distribution parameters to radar inaccuracies is examined, and several methods of implementing the measurements are suggested. It is concluded that good estimates of rainfall rate using a single non-attenuating wavelength radar are possible under ideal conditions.
doi:10.1175/1520-0450(1976)015<0069:puordr>2.0.co;2 fatcat:53rbwevuirce3a5i2tmr4wwoe4