Codzienność i świat przeżywany: gdzie jest miejsce dla znaczeń religijnych?

Anna Królikowska
2017 Culture and Education  
The paper analyses categories of every-day reality and of a life-world, reaching also for a related notion of intersubjectivity. Whereas all of them have phenomenological background, only the category of every-day reality has made a career in sociology, breaking off the connection with its philosophical roots. Its phenomenological interpretations are recurred to in the article, together with showing its relation to Lebenswelt. The main concern is the extent to which it is possible to find
more » ... sible to find religious meanings in every-day life in contemporary societies of the broadly-understood West. A degree to which it is allowed to bring meanings deriving from other spheres into the scope of every-day reality, as well as a concrete symbolic domain to be privileged, are historically and culturally changeable. Secularization that affects a society in an institutional dimension and its common sense, makes religious interpretations being less and less intersubjectively supported and loosing their status of being taken for granted. This situation encourages further secularization of individual life-worlds, and at persons who still identify themselves as religious strengthens the separation of religious province from the other domains of meanings and ways of experiencing the world. There is also a number of people who, despite the decline of 1 Anna Małgorzata Królikowska, Instytut Socjologii, Wydział Humanistyczny, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Polska,
doi:10.15804/kie.2017.01.05 fatcat:h5s5wbfwnnfc5cvyqtmh2y7f3i