Evaluation of Commercially Available Exosomal Isolation Kits from Human Plasma [article]

Sun Yuzhe, Hefu Zhen, Mei Guo, Jingyu Ye, Zhili Liu, Xiuqing Zhang, Yan Yang, Chao Nie
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Exosomes are cell-derived lipid bilayer particles which are abundant in biological fluids. Exosome is an emerging source of biomarkers to diagnose various human diseases. Sequencing based exosomal studies could provide a comprehensive view of exosomal RNA and protein. To extracted these inclusions, exosomes should be isolated from the plasma first. Several exosome isolation methods were introduced since the discover of exosome. To promote the clinical application of exosomal inclusions,
more » ... inclusions, different isolation methods should be compared. We isolated exosomes from human plasma by using user-friendly and commercially available kits, SBI ExoQuick and QIAGEN exoRNeasy. Subsequently, small RNA sequencing was performed with two groups of isolated exosome samples and one group of plasma samples. No fundamental differences of exRNA yield between SC and EQ were found. In RNA profile analysis, the small RNA aligned reads, miRNA pattern, sample clustering varied as a result of methodological differences. Small RNA isolated by ExoQuick presented better data quality and RNA profile than exoRNeasy. This study compared sRNA sequencing data generated from two exosome isolation kits, it provides a reference for future small RNA studies and biomarker prediction in human plasma exosome.
doi:10.1101/808931 fatcat:a5jv2iych5ck5mfwl3v4uaqnqu