Photoinduced birefringence in thin azopolymer films recorded at different temperatures

D Nazarova, G Mateev, D Ivanov, B Blagoeva, D Kostadinova, E Stoykova, L Nedelchev
2016 Bulgarian Chemical Communications   unpublished
In this work we investigate the dependence of characteristics of polarization recording and erasure in thin azopolymer films on the starting temperatures of the sample. Polarized light from DPSS laser with wavelength 444 nm is used for recording of photoinduced birefringence. For erasing the records, thermal method is applied. Birefringence is successfully recorded at different starting temperatures from 25 to 100°C. 3D graphics for visualization of the experimental data are presented.
more » ... presented. Photoinduced birefringence is calculated from real time monitored Stocks parameters during the entire experiment. This investigation allows us to determine the optimal conditions of recording at elevated temperatures in order to achieve shortest response time or maximal birefringence.