A Program for Adventure Games to Decrease Violence among University Students

2015 مجلة تطبیقات علوم الریاضة  
The current research aims at decreasing violence among university students through an adventure games program. The researchers used the experimental approach (one-group design) with pre-and post-measurements. Research community included all freshmen students of faculty of physical education -Tanta University during the academic year 2013-2014 (n=200). The researchers chose (20) students purposefully (10%). Another (20) students were chosen form the same research community and outside the main
more » ... mple to validate tests and measurements. The researchers used High IQ test, Socio-economic level log and Violence scale. The researchers concluded that the recommended program had positive effects on decreasing violence among university students .
doi:10.21608/jass.2015.84500 fatcat:q42bjxnulfefpmsajudjcjhc3i