Optimization of the Process of Synthesis of Lignin–Tannin-Formaldehyde Organic Aerogels
Оптимизация процесса синтеза лигнин-танин- формальдегидных органических аэрогелей

Liudmila I. Grishechko, Nadezhda M. Mikova, Boris N. Kuznetsov
2016 Journal of Siberian Federal University Chemistry  
The method of experimental statistical analysis was applied to study the effect of concentration of lignin (X 1 ) and the pH of the reaction solution (X 2 ) on the values of specific parameters of the porous structure obtained organic lignin-tannin-formaldehyde (LTF) aerogels. Mathematical models relating the basic dependence of initial variables X 1 and X 2 with the predicted conditions to achieve the best performance of porosity (meso-and macropore volume) in LTF organic aerogels were
more » ... rogels were obtained. Based on the evaluation of the mathematical model it was established that for Х 1 = 40,0 % and Х 2 = 2,2 the maximum predicted value of the specific surface area of obtained organic aerogels is587 m 2 /g. For factors Х 1 = 30 %, and Х 2 = 2,54, the maximum value of the pore volume is about 2,16 cm 3 /g. Predicted optimal conditions to achieve the maximum values of surface area and pore volume were consistent with the experimental results, that determines the feasibility of their using to predict the results of synthesis of LTF aerogels with desired structural characteristics.
doi:10.17516/1998-2836-2016-9-2-212-220 fatcat:odypgz3vfzf5fdd4kc7lmraxae