Discussion: "Effects of Asperities in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication" (Kaneta, M., and Cameron, A., 1980, ASME J. Lubr. Technol., 102, pp. 374–378)

W. J. Anderson
1980 Journal of Lubrication Technology  
Several questions arise in reading this paper: 1. The explanation of microsqueeze effect in section 4.2 is somewhat questionable. Could the authors elaborate on that? 2. The conclusion that in rolling the asperities do not deform is not generally true. This is only true for thick films, but not for low values of hi a. Therefore one cannot validly calculate the film thickness using smooth surface theory when h/a is small. 3. Asperity slope is an important factor and should be so recognized. 4.
more » ... re the data points on the measured film thickness profiles purposely left off?
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