Report of the Corresponding Secretary [stub]

1894 Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia  
Known as the Early Journal Content, this set of works include research articles, news, letters, and other writings published in more than 200 of the oldest leading academic journals. The works date from the mid--seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries. 1894.] NATURAL SCIENCES OF PHILADELPHIA. 463 Duiring the absence of the Recording Secretary in Europe the duties of the office were acceptably performed by Mr. Wm. J. Fox. All of which is respectfully submitted. EDW. J. NOLAN, Recording
more » ... LAN, Recording Secretary. REPORT OF THE CORRESPONDING SECRETARY. The Corresponding Secretary respectfully reports that during the year commencing December 1st, 1893, he has received from eightytwo societies, museums, etc., one hundred and forty-six acknowledgments of the receipt of the publications of the Academy, and from fifty-four societies, editors, etc., sixty-three notices of the forwarding of their own publications to the Academy, together with fifteen applications to exchange publications for reports, etc., asking for missing numbers of the Academy's publications, and one lo discontinue the exchange with the Academy. Thirty-eight letters on various subjects have been received and thirteen written. Fifteen circulars and invitations to the Academy to participate in congresses or meetings, have been received and answered. During the year one correspondent has been elected and notified. The deaths of five correspondents have been reported. Six certificates have been sent to correspondents. Seven hundred and fifty-six acknowledgments for gifts to the library and one hundred and twenty-eight for gifts to the museum have been forwarded. Respectfully submitted, BENJ. SHARP, Corresponding Secretary.