Larvae and protonymphs of the predator Typhlodromus bambusae (Acari: Phytoseiidae) attacked and killed by adult males of their prey, Schizotetranychus nanjingensis (Acari: Tetranychidae)

2001 Systematic and Acarology Acarology Special Publications  
The attack of the subsocial spider mite Schizotetranychus nanjingensis Ma & Yuan against its specific predator, Typhlodromus bambusae Ehara, was examined in the laboratory. Males of Schizotetranychus nanjingensis began to pursue the intruder soon after the larva or protonymph of T. bambusae was in the nest. When in contact, these males captured the predator and repeatedly pushed themselves against it. When predatory larvae were introduced into nests with one male spider mite, three quarter of
more » ... three quarter of the predators were either killed or forced out of the nests within the first ten minutes. Spider mite males killed the protonymphs of T. bambusae within ten minutes in over 85% of the replicates. These male spider mites dragged or pushed the dead predators out of the nest. Female spider mites themselves never attacked and killed the predators, but sometimes helped to remove the dead intruders. The subsocial behaviour of S. nanjingensis is discussed in light of the results of this and previous studies.
doi:10.11158/saasp.9.1.2 fatcat:o7v7ap5lbnc3zjy5uh2adwldgi