ORIGINAL ARTICLES Effect of foliar fertilizer with nutritional compound and humic acid on growth and yield of broad bean plants under sandy soil conditions

M Shafeek, M Shafeek, Y Helmy, Nadia, M Omer, Fatma Rizk
2013 Journal of Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
Two field experiments were carried out during the successive seasons of 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 to study the response of growth, yield and its components as well as chemical composition of broad bean plants to foliar application of different levels of humic acid and nutritional compound (Stimufol). The important data were as following: 1-Foliar spraying of high rates of humic acid (4g/L) recorded the high values of growth characters, i.e. number of leaves and branches, fresh weight of whole
more » ... weight of whole plant and its different parts as well as total yield and its components (pod length and number of pod/plant). Also gave the highest percentage of protein and nitrogen contents as well as Fe (mg/g dry weight) in broad bean seeds tissues. 2-Foliar spray with different levels of nutritional compound Stimufol significantly increased the plant growth parameters namely plant height, number of leaves and branches, fresh and dry weight of leaves and branches as well as whole plants also increased pod length, average weight of pod and total yield as ton/fed and it gave the highest values of the percentage of protein and nitrogen as well as Fe and Mn (mg/g dry weight) of broad bean seeds with superiority by application of high level (200 g/fed.). 3-The most favorable effect was resulted with highest level of humic acid and nutrient compound Stimufol which increased the growth, yield and its components and the percentages of N and protein as well as the contents of micro elements Fe and Mn.