Division of the Muscles of the Eye for Strabismus

1840 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Division of Internal Rectus. October 16, 1S40. Miss Mary M. C, set. 23, of Boston, has squinted from birth with both eyes, the left being more decidedly turned in, the edge of the cornea of which frequently reaches the inner canthus. She can on closing the right, turn the left out nearly as far as the other, but cannot keep it fixed there. Vision has always been weak, and she is conscious that this eye does not assist in seeing. Drs. Reynolds, Jeffries, Hooper, Bethune and Charles Wrare, were
more » ... arles Wrare, were present. The eyes being small and the patient very timid, I found it necessary to control the globe by fixing a double hook through the conjunctiva into the tunica albuginea about a line and a half from the edge of the cornea towards the inner canthus. By this means the eye being fairly everted, a fine, sharp hook was passed through the conjunctiva, and an incision made about half way between it and the double hook. A blunt hook was brought under the muscle, and a division made with scissors in the muscle about half an. inch from the cornea, which Mr.
doi:10.1056/nejm184012020231701 fatcat:6vqadvadmnaebppt5il7coxkym