Foundations for Transmission Line Towers and Tower Erection

P. M. Downing
1915 Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers  
OF PAPER In this paper the author briefly emphasizes the fact that the weakest link of any transmission system is the line, and that this part of the plant has never been given the consideration it deserves. Towers are strongly advocated for important trunk lines, and certain conditions to be met in the design of same are given. The use of concrete footings is recommended in preference to those of metal set directly in the ground. THE USE of wooden poles in connection with high voltage
more » ... gh voltage transmission lines, especially important trunk lines, is fast being superseded by steel towers. The wonderful growth of the electrical industry during the past few years has resulted in the construction of larger generating stations, and the transmission lines carrying these heavier loads have become of correspondingly greater importance. During all of this time, except for a noticeable increase in the sizes of the units used, there has not been any radical change in the equipment of hydroelectric generating stations. The same general types of turbines and impulse wheels as were used fifteen or twenty years agro, during the infancy of the industry, are still being used. Slight modifications in the design of the generators, the use of the better material now available, and higher speeds have resulted in larger units and increased efficiencies. Transformers have kept pace with the generators and waterwheels, both as regards size and efficiency, but have never been in any respect the limiting feature in high-voltage transmission work. The line is and has always been the weakest link of the entire system, and it is only during the last few years that this part of the work has received the attention it deserves. Wooden pole lines with pin type insulators were for many years used almost exclusively, regardless of the voltage, or the importance 1227
doi:10.1109/t-aiee.1915.4765253 fatcat:nflavkmdprfmjppiity2fecgby