34. Sultan Pajang sends a messenger to Mataram to confirm whether Sénapati really wants to become disloyal [chapter]

2022 Babad Tanah Jawi, The Chronicle of Java  
teachings and I trust you. On the other hand, if I later have problems, whom am I to send to tell you? There is certainly no one in Mataram who knows you." Ratu Kidul said, "That is easy. If you want to summon me, stand with your arms folded across your chest and your feet together, and then look upward to the sky. I will certainly quickly come, bringing an army of ghosts, fairies and spirits with all their weapons." Sénapati said again, "I ask permission to return to Mataram. I will obey all
more » ... ur instructions." 211. Sénapati then left, walking over the water of the sea as if he were walking on land. When he came to Parangtritis, he was startled seeing Sunan Kalijaga sitting in meditation under the overhanging cliffs. Sénapati quickly kissed his knee and meekly asked for forgiveness for having shown his supernatural powers by walking over water without getting wet. Sunan Kalijaga said, "Sénapati, stop trusting in your supernatural powers and invulnerabilty. Such a man is called presumptuous. The apostles of Islam did not approve of such conduct, because it would certainly invite the wrath of God. If you sincerely want to become king, just gratefully follow His com mands. Let us go to Mataram. I want to see your house." They left and arrived in Ma taram. 212. His Reverence saw that Sénapati's residence still did not have an outside wall. He said, "Your house doesn't have an outside wall. That is not good. You could be called overconfident and presumptuous. You trust on your supernatural powers, strength and invulnerability. If cattle don't have a stall, they will wander everywhere. Cattle should be tethered and at night put into a stall. Outside they should be guarded by people and entrusted to God. All the more so, your house should have a brick wall, called a pager bumi. Order the people of Mataram to make bricks each dry season. When you have a lot of them, build a city with a varied population." His Reverence then took a half-shell coconut filled with water which he poured out while going around and reciting an Islamic chant. When he had finished pouring the water out, he said, "Later when you build the city, follow this line." Sénapati said that he would do as he was told. His Reverence then took his leave and returned home. 213. It is told that His Majesty the Sultan of Pajang came out to hold audience in the audience hall. His sons, kinsmen, bupati and mantri were all present. The bupati said, "Lord, your son Sénapati is indeed treacherous and intends to oppose you. This is shown by the fact that he has now made a fortress with a wide moat." His Majesty said to Pangéran Banawa, "Boy, you go to Mataram together with your brother-in-law the adipati of Tuban and Tumenggung Mancanagara. Ask your brother Sénapati whether he really plans to oppose me." Pangéran Banawa, the adipati of Tuban and Tumenggung Mancanagara said that they would do as ordered and departed with their troops. 214. In Pajang there was a mantri called Pangalasan who was friends with Sénapati. He quickly sent a messenger to Mataram to say that His Majesty the Sultan had sent his son to Mataram who had taken an army with him. When Sénapati received the news, he quickly went to meet them in Randhulawang. The people of Mataram were mobilized and they took along food and drink to be offered to the guests. 54 33. Sunan Kalijaga visits Mataram and criticises the residence of Panembahan Sénapati 34. Sultan Pajang sends a messenger to Mataram to confirm whether Sénapati really wants to become disloyal
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