Electronic spectroscopy of oxygen atoms trapped in solid xenon

W. G. Lawrence, V. A. Apkarian
1992 Journal of Chemical Physics  
The electronic spectroscopy of oxygen atoms trapped in solid xenon are reported. Excitation of the solid between 220 and 260 nm leads to two main emissions centered at 3.35 and 1.65 eV, both of which arise from the same upper state. The excitations are assigned to chargetransfer absorptions in interstitial Oh sites; the emitting state, which has a lifetime of 227 ns, is assigned to Xe+O-('xc+). An avoided crossing between the ionic and covalent Ix+ states, and differential solvation of these
more » ... lvation of these states, explains the main trends of the spectroscopy of XeO in the gas and condensed phases. Implications regarding ionic and covalent many-body surfaces are discussed.
doi:10.1063/1.463114 fatcat:lw6hajzj7rfvzlrrgwvjl36cxq