Enlargement of Submicron Gas‐Borne Particles by Heterogeneous Condensation for Energy‐Efficient Aerosol Separation [in press]

Philipp Hamberger, Daniela Piccioni Koch, Sokratis Sinanis, Karlheinz Schaber
To improve the efficiency of aerosol separation, a process sequence for particle enlargement by condensation of water vapor on their surface is suggested. The presented method makes use of packed columns in non-equilibrium operation to achieve supersaturation, which is required for droplet growth. Although this method is known for several years, it is not widely used in industrial processes and still needs accurate investigations for consolidation and establishment. The simulation tool
more » ... ation tool AerCoDe3.0 for predicting saturation and particle growth in packed columns allows investigating the thermal energy consumption under various operation conditions. Based on the results obtained in this study, optimized arrangements of columns, which are applicable as preconditioning step for existing particle separators, are proposed.
doi:10.5445/ir/1000099031 fatcat:wyszm5hitndlhchky7blv32aey