Influence of mean-density gradient on small-scale turbulence noise

Abbas Khavaran
2000 6th Aeroacoustics Conference and Exhibit   unpublished
A physics-based methodology is described to predict jetmixing noise due to small-scale turbulence. Both self-and shear-noise source terms of Lilley's equation are modeled and the far-field aerodynamic noise is expressed as an integral over the jet volume of the source multiplied by an appropriate Green's function which accounts for source convection and mean-flow refraction. Our primary interest here is to include transverse gradients of the mean density in the source modeling. It is shown
more » ... in addition to the usual quadrupole type sources which scale to the fourthpower of the acoustic wave number, additional dipole and monopole sources are present that scale to lower powers of wave number. Various two-point correlations are modeled and an approximate solution to noise spectra due to multipole sources of various orders is developed. Mean flow and turbulence information is provided through RANS-kg solution. Numerical results are presented for a subsonic jet at a range of temperatures and Mach numbers. Predictions indicated a decrease in high frequency noise with added heat, while changes in the low frequency noise depend on jet velocity and observer angle.
doi:10.2514/6.2000-2059 fatcat:mrskt7e2krhk5cp3ooljzebhv4