Inheritance of some technical characteristics of second-generation hybrid embryos F2 of crossbreeding in Triticum aestivum L

Mohammed Ayoub, Asra Ali
2019 Journal of education and science  
Grains of F 2 generation from half diallel crosses between five varieties of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Intesar, Rabbea'a, Bbu-Greeb-3-A dnanyi and Al-Eaz) were used to estimate general combining ability for parental varieties, specific combining ability for their crosses. Inbreeding depression in F 2 generation and Broad sense heritability for the following traits : total flour content, bran content, extracted flour, wet and dry gluten content, Fermentation time. The results indicated
more » ... that there were additive and non-additive gene effects for all he studied traits. The non-additive gene effects were more important than the additive for determining these characters. Some of hybrids showed significant positive values and others showed significant negative values inbreeding depression in F 2 for the studied traits. Broad sense heritability values were high for the all characters.
doi:10.33899/edusj.2019.161052 fatcat:dozn7a5g3zbwdkawktb7sbemdy