Practical Physics Behind Growing Crystals of Biological Macromolecules

Nadine Candoni, Romain Grossier, Zoubida Hammadi, Roger Morin, Stephane Veesler
2012 Protein Peptide Letters  
The aim of this review is to provide biocrystallographers who intend to tackle protein-crystallization with theory and practical examples. Crystallization involves two separate processes, nucleation and growth, which are rarely completely unconnected. Here we give theoretical background and concrete examples illustrating protein crystallization. We describe the nucleation of a new phase, solid or liquid, and the growth and transformation of existing crystals obtained by primary or secondary
more » ... ry or secondary nucleation or by seeding. Above all, we believe that a thorough knowledge of the phase diagram is vital to the selection of starting position and path for any crystallization experiment.
doi:10.2174/092986612800793136 pmid:22489786 fatcat:oemkosyjxzgaxom5nrpmlfavim