A Survey of Medium Access Control Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

Adebayo Segun, Akinwunmi A.O, Ogunti E.O
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
With the recent technological advances of wireless sensor network (WSN) and the nature of wireless sensor networks which is the power constraint, researchers face new challenges related to the design of algorithms and protocols. This work tries to survey the research that has been conducted on a number of levels to design and assess the deployment of wireless sensor networks. It highlights the current state of the Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol in WSN with a view to advance the research
more » ... the field. General Terms Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) 2 MAC is to coordinate access to and transmission over a medium common to several nodes. With wireless as the medium of communication in WSN, it is complicated. This means that in wireless channel an ongoing transmission interferes with any other transmission within the same communication range. Interference may lead to packet losses and thus the need for suitable retransmission mechanisms. Hence an appropriate MAC rules have to be put in place in order to minimize interference and packet collisions. Traditionally this can be achieved by optimizing the channel access, packet transmission and retransmission methods; packet frame lengths (trading throughput with the probability of collision over the packet transmission duration); modulation and coding schemes (trading throughput with the reliability to achieve error free reception and hence avoiding re-transmission); transmission powers (trading communication with interference range); etc. [2], [3] . MAC in sensor networks is very different from the traditional networks because of its constraints on computational ability, storage and energy resources thus the techniques discussed above are not suitable for WSNs. Therefore media access control should be energy efficient and should also allocate bandwidth fairly to the infrastructure of all nodes in the network. The followings attributes should be considered when designing a good MAC protocol for the wireless sensor networks [2]:
doi:10.5120/20465-9980 fatcat:dj74uw5lnfdmvkl2rcnlth7eny