Differential diagnosis diphtheria adults

Yu. I. Liashenko, D. A. Pavlovich, Yu. P. Finogeev, Yu. A. Vinakmen, V. F. Krumgolts
2014 Žurnal Infektologii  
A total of 1,824 human cases of diphtheria, treated at the Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital SP Botkin (St. Petersburg) during 1993, as well as 19 deaths in 1994. It is known that early diagnosis of infectious diseases, especially diphtheria, contributes to the favorable outcome of the disease. The diagnosis of diphtheria at the prehospital stage is always difficult. Presented in detail the differential diagnosis of the disease, clinically similar to diphtheria: Lacunal angina, angina
more » ... ngina, angina Simanovsky, infectious mononucleosis, angina Ludwig's angina Dugue, syphilis, non-infectious with clinical «masks» of diphtheria and other. Diphtheria epidemic of 1993–1994 in Russia and, in particular, in St. Petersburg, showed that the late admission of patients with diphtheria infection in hospitals, usually associated with irregular differential diagnosis of this dangerous disease.
doi:10.22625/2072-6732-2010-2-4-6-14 doaj:09e99bc0c8754ea395d5e87e605fd53a fatcat:gz6epq2kdzhofnjzqustertqia