A CSR Three Tier System Approach for the corporate (CSR innovations to bring transparency and ownership by involving community stake holders)

Manoj Suryawanshi, Niranjan Sahoo
2017 AGU International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities)   unpublished
It is almost 4 years since introduction of new company bill in which the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has been made mandatory to the company specific to the net worth or turnover. The new act gives general indication on spent which is to be consider under CSR, however the answer to how? is missing. The companies are implementing the CSR based upon the experiences and local requirements. Since lot of communication has been made in India on CSR spent by this way the community around
more » ... mmunity around plant is also aware about this spent and thus companies faces lots of demand form people to invest in CSR at their plan locations. Since company's main business is to do business hence they do not carry out extensive research on community involvement therefore in this paper we are going to suggest about how company can involve the community stake holders in the CSR to bring desirable result and win-win situation to each other's. In this suggested three Tier system of CSR arrangements works as a self-administrative instrument whereby community guarantees its smooth implementation for dynamic consistence with the soul of the law, moral models and community standards. With this model of community involvement, CSR goes very smooth for the benefits of the company as well as for the business. Finally, a CSR is to be considered successful only when the community accept the activity and community accept only when the entire plan of CSR is prepared in line with their requirements and address the need, this is very critical if you do not involve the community in the planning and execution process, the involvement of the community to bring the transparency and obligatory is a need of the hours. It has also been in the practice that if the important stake holders do not involve in the CSR and since they are aware about the CSR spent and are the main beneficiaries, the so called leaders will ask for money from the company to keep their mouth mum and sometime their demand are very high and if not fulfill they even agitate at the gate of the company to stop the production of the company. Keeping this in mind a three tire robot's system is introduced in this paper for the corporate companies so that they can involve people in their work to bring the desirable result and make people reasonable for the execution of CSR, the details are discussed in the document.