Strangeness in a chemically equilibrating quark-gluon plasma

Z. J. He, J. L. Long, Y. G. Ma, G. L. Ma, B. Liu
2004 Physical Review C  
We derive a set of relaxation equations describing the chemical equilibration of gluons, quarks, and s quarks at finite baryon density based on Jüttner distribution of partons, and investigate strangeness production, chemical equilibration, and evolution. We find that strangeness production depends sensitively on initial values, furthermore, the increase of the quark phase lifetime with increasing initial quark chemical potential obviously heightens strangeness production. In addition, the
more » ... addition, the obvious difference between the calculated strangeness and the one in the thermodynamic equilibrium system shows that the study of strangeness in the chemically equilibrating system is very significant.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.69.034906 fatcat:5stmurrpmnezpl2qhqogw7jtc4