Construction of Hierarchical Structured Knowledge-based Recommendation Dialogue Dataset and Dialogue System

Takashi Kodama, Ribeka Tanaka, Sadao Kurohashi
2022 Proceedings of the Second DialDoc Workshop on Document-grounded Dialogue and Conversational Question Answering   unpublished
We work on a recommendation dialogue system to help a user understand the appealing points of some target (e.g., a movie). In such dialogues, the recommendation system needs to utilize structured external knowledge to make informative and detailed recommendations. However, there is no dialogue dataset with structured external knowledge designed to make detailed recommendations for the target. Therefore, we construct a dialogue dataset, Japanese Movie Recommendation Dialogue (JMRD), in which the
more » ... recommender recommends one movie in a long dialogue (23 turns on average). The external knowledge used in this dataset is hierarchically structured, including title, casts, reviews, and plots. Every recommender's utterance is associated with the external knowledge related to the utterance. We then create a movie recommendation dialogue system that considers the structure of the external knowledge and the history of the knowledge used. Experimental results show that the proposed model is superior in knowledge selection to the baseline models.
doi:10.18653/v1/2022.dialdoc-1.9 fatcat:tvmfwbgdejf6rhgtnenszt7vy4