A QconCAT biosynthesis pipeline for global proteomics quantification
包括的プロテオーム定量のための QconCAT 合成パイプライン

Takemori N
A mass spectrometry (MS)-based approach for the quantification of target proteomes using peptide concatemers known as QconCAT was developed by Beynon et al. In this approach, stable isotope-labeled QconCAT protein is spiked into a biological sample as an internal standard and the peptide mixture obtained after trypsin digestion is measured by MS. An accurate amount of target is estimated based on the ratio of the peak areas of light and heavy peptides. QconCAT is a powerful tool for absolute
more » ... teome quantification and is widely accepted as an established quantitative methodology. Recently, we have created a high-efficiency pipeline for global proteomics quantification by merging wheat germ cell-free synthesis, artificial gene synthesis, and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis techniques to increase the throughput of QconCAT production. Creating a complete series of high-quality peptide standards that can be prepared locally in sufficient quantities suitable for MS-based quantitative proteomics will eliminate the need for molecular biology techniques in proteomics laboratories and allow highly efficient quantitative analysis.
doi:10.14889/jhupo.2019.0.167.0 fatcat:yokktdna2rfnbhlxc3pjaq2h7q