Studies of dielectric relaxation and AC conductivity behavior in lamellar double hydroxide

A. Elmelouky, A. Mortadi, E. Chahid, R. El Moznine, M.E. Belghiti
2017 Journal of Applied Surfaces and Interfaces  
Dielectric and electrical behaviors of this ionic clay were thoroughly investigated in the frequency range of 200 Hz to 1MHz. The clay was synthesized by co‐precipitation method at room temperature. This sample was characterized by XRD, Fourier transform‐infrared (FT‐IR), inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and Thermogravimetric analysis. This sample was crystallized in a rhombohedral symmetry (Space group: R‐3 m). Impedance spectroscopy was used as a tool to evaluate and monitor the activation
more » ... r the activation process at different temperatures and frequency. The impedance measurement was well analyzed and fitted with an equivalent circuit containing (R//CPE). Furthermore, the AC conductivity σac was also investigated as a function of frequency. It was analyzed and fitted using power law of Jonscher. These Studies show that the relaxation contribution is superimposed by electrode polarization effect.
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