Şırnak İli Bağcılığının Mevcut Durumu ve Potansiyeli

Mehmet Settar Ünal
2019 Turkish Journal of Agriculture: Food Science and Technology  
This research was conducted to determine the viticulture potential of Şırnak province. In the 6 districts including the provincial centre, an evaluation was made in terms of characteristics such as viticulture technique, cultivated varieties, pruning and cultivation forms, soil tillage, fertilization, disease and pest control and product usage methods. In addition, the climate and soil characteristics of the region were evaluated, and the viticulture profile of the province was revealed. As a
more » ... sult of the research, it was found that viticulture is essentially an important branch of agriculture in the province, especially in the province of Idil, but there is a decrease in the vineyard areas due to lack of care, terrorism etc. It is determined the tall of the existing vineyards are indigenous, as the climate structure is suitable for viticulture in general, high temperature and drought prevails in summer, excessive stoniness in some vineyards areas and water stress in most regions.
doi:10.24925/turjaf.v7i12.2184-2189.2948 fatcat:lxwr5ranaffkddphnmma5pdwqq