Computer algebra on MIMD machine

J.-L. Roch, P. Senechaud, F. Sievert-Rich, G. Villard
1989 ACM SIGSAM Bulletin  
PAC is a computer algebra system, based on MIMD type parallelism. It uses parallelism as a tool for processing problems wich are too complex for a sequential treatment. Basic fundamentals of the system are firstly discussed. Then, different problems are studied, particularly the implementation of infinite-precision arithmetic, the solution of linear systems and of Diophantine equations, the parallelization of Buchberger's algorithm for Grtbner bases. A prototype of PAC is implemented on the
more » ... ting Point System hypercube Tesseract 20 (16 nodes), and different timing results obtained on this machine are given. 1This work is partially supported by the PRC Math~matiques et Informatique and by the Greco Calcul Formel of French Centre Nationnal de la Recherche Scientifique.
doi:10.1145/66062.66065 fatcat:y2pcdfwedrb2hdzjifvf5ncrue